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 Caroline Bowen Speech Page Get tips, ideas, information, and more links!


This site contains oodles of great educational games for children. Thanks to a student in California for finding this site and submitting it!


Speech Therapy Activities Language and Speech Activities
 do2Learn This site is filled with games activities and information!
Starfall They have lots of activities for learning to read Here are more games and activities

Quia activities

Lots of language and speech games/activities
Lifeprint-ASL University American Sign Language University
NIDCD- National Institution on Deafness and other Communication Disorders
PBS Kids

This is a great site with lots of activities for reading, writing and more! See and listen to the spoken sounds-- great resource for SLPs, students and parents Lots of eductional games and activities--kids will love it! A resource for SLPs, parents, and teachers

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